Another case of her realizing that she’s ‘got you’, and that the challenge in you has been defeated. Boredom sets in for her from here and then it’s just a matter of time until you find yourself going to a search engine and typing how to get a girl back.

In the beginning we we’re happy but then I started to get jealous of her and her best friend that night I had a nightmare thay she left me for him now i cant fix the relationship because she doesnt believe me that i trust her and i dont want to lose her

Correct bad habits. Now is the time to scrutinize your behaviors that led to the breakup and to try to self-improve. For example, if you feel that you and your ex broke up because you are too jealous or argumentative, try being more conscious of these behaviors and stopping them in their tracks.[10]

Own up to your issues. If your ex-partner agrees to meet with you in person, you should start the conversation by owning up to your issues. It’s important that you focus on being generous, open, and honest with your ex-partner when you reconnect. You may decide to bring a list of your issues and details on how you are going to work on dealing with them, or you may explain how you have been working on your issues while you and your ex-partner have been apart.[5]

If at least the one who committed a totally out of bounds act does a thorough rethinking and relearning the result the result can be betterment and continuation of the marriage, provided s/he becomes totally clear that s/he will not repeat the behavior. If not, the marriage is in big trouble. At the same time, odds for successful resumption of a better marriage zoom up if both partners engage in learning.

I signed up today, when will I get my first email? I need the support asap. We dated for 2 years, broke up three months ago and I made all the mistakes. Although, she would call/facetime me and tell me she missed me and how much she loved me too. We would talk about how special we are to each other, but I have two children and she couldn’t deal with the ex issue. It has bee really rocky over the last few weeks and she admitted to going out on a date last night after I pressure her. I truly believe it was the first real date she has been on since we broke up. I will admit that I have gone on a couple myself, but didn’t tell her that. I was initially upset and told her I wouldn’t still be around to watch her move on. I told her I wouldn’t call anymore. She said no one will ever compare to me, but she doesn’t know what else to do to get over me. She got really sad and started crying. I sincerely told her I want her to be happy and I understand that is what she is trying to do before we got off the phone – I was sincere, but hiding a tremendous amount of pain.

Yes, there are certain rules even for your mini date/meet up or whatever you want to call it. As stated above, you want to keep this meet up as casual as possible. Don’t plan to meet over a nice dinner. I suggest getting coffee at Starbucks with chairs and couches where the two of you can just sit and talk. Another great idea would be to meet up at a park and go for a walk together. Honestly, the dates I have enjoyed the most wasn’t anything super romantic it was just when I was enjoying the company of someone else and walking around.

            Now guys, if you start feeling defensive to the foregoing statements, you are missing the point. She felt those things! You cannot tell a woman she shouldn’t feel a certain way. That is my whole point – she sincerely believes what she feels and is only responding according to what she believes.

When taking a goal minded approach to the quest to get back together with someone you love; some people tend to stop projecting themselves into the future after the point in time when they get back together with the one they love.

It’s in human nature to tend to relax a bit after we’ve been able to accomplish something that we’ve worked for diligently over a long period of time. They say that happiness is about the journey and not the destination; I want to take this saying a step further and tell you that happiness in love is about the journey and not the destination! [otp_overlay]