The first step, of this guide is to understand the biggest mistakes that people make after a breakup and AVOID THEM. Doing these mistakes will not only drive your ex further away. They will also make you feel rejected and unworthy.

All begging or using pity does is convince him that he made the right move. It sabotages your vibe and makes you seem needy and desperate, which forces him to recoil from you and push you away from his life.

How can you prevent this? Really, change. Make him change too. When you become better, you have the right to expect him to get better too. Build a relationship where you grow and improve together as individuals and partners, not enemy’s that slow each other’s progress down. He is not yours and never will be, not even when you both have a ring on your finger, so don’t view him as a thing you’ve got a right over, like owning a car or your shoes.

“If you’re too embarrassed or don’t have anyone you feel you can talk to, you might seek the counsel of a good relationship coach,” adds Shield. Check your campus health center; many offer counseling services free of charge.

Similarly, they don’t respond to excessive acts of kindness completely out of the blue…At least not when things are rough. It raises too many red flags and makes them aware that you’re making a conscious effort to get them back.

Hi Kevin, I called him and he told me that I needed to talk to him and he told me “what do you need to talk about?” I told him about something that I have in my chest . He told me to call him in an hour and I asked him to do it in person but he say no. In any case I told him to give me another chance and no to commit with that girl until we try one more time, but he told me that I was not ready to get marry and never will that we have to go separate ways and that the therapist was going to talk with me. When I went to see the therapist she told me that he didn’t want to talk with me because he is fine where he is now that if he sees me is to give me closure. The therapist words were like stabs in my heart. I lost him and I feel empty inside an so hurt and broken hearted. I love him with all my heart. Please tell me what else I can do. I need your help this is so hard. How can I recover his love when everything seems to be hopeless. And he is probably organizing his wedding.

She called me one evening to go to a restaurant with her where she ended our relationship. She accused me of not loving her, not taking on any responsibilities with her, not making any promises to her about marriage and moving together; beeing self-centered and never thinking about her needs. 

The first step for how to get your ex back is understanding your mistakes. Look I don’t know you and I also don’t know why your relationship ended. If you make big mistake or your ex left you for unknown reason. But, one thing I can surely say to you is that your relationship comes to an end because of one of these 5 reasons:

To his relief, Peter began to experience his small apartment somewhat more positively. Now it felt like a cozy place to read and enjoy time alone. His loneliness, too, began to abate to the point that some evenings he even preferred staying home alone to running out to activites with others lest he drown in the pain of loss.

So, why don’t you just let it go? Just cut all contact with her and try to move on. I know you feel like that if you get an apology from her you might get closure or if you two end things on good terms, you will feel better. But trust me you won’t. It’s your mind’s way of NOT LETTING GO. Your mind is trying to hold on to someone that you loved and that is precious to you. And it’s manipulating you into thinking that if those things happen, only then you will be able to move on. But the truth is, even if those things happen, it won’t be any easier to move on. In fact, it might get harder. My recommendation is that you give up all hope of getting an apology from her, or getting her back, cut all contact with her and just try to move on.

So with you doing everything she wanted, your ex would have looked at you as inferior to her (lacking in DMV compared to her), in a world where women are attracted to men they see as being superior and high in DMV.

Im getting ready to turn 29 years old my baby daddy is a year younger he had a son before our daughter they are two years apart. We loved each other my died 4 gays before christmas 2009. Even thought he left me with a note 4 days before our 5 year ann. We were sexual he cheated with his sisters friend in his mothers house who knows me slept in my parents home with her man. I still tried he lied was getting drunk couldnt get our daughter to school while im at work but stayed by him. Phone calls stopped sex wasnt passionate we sex valentines day and he bought another girl a gift after leaving my house he worked with her after i told her she kepted at him he at her my daughter loosing her parents.. I met another guy i went to school with him he reminded me of my baby dady so i got with him.. Baby daddy and i still did our sex thing the morning of his daughters birth he was cheating with me in he car.. I told her and her family but she stayed by him we were different realationships with different people went thru courts and all but still intimate.. He had the family of kids and i had the fast life with mollys clubs my dope dealer was my pretend boyfriend.. Behind close doors he was perfect in front world i didnt exist more to him than a hoe.. We were physical i knew what he was doing to he was emotionally abusing me and manipulating me. I tried to kick him out but he switch it then he dick me down and we were good. Because of abuse i lost work ethic almost got fired… I finally got rid of him after he beat me up in south stockton ca at 7 in morning for looking at his texts… I didnt charge him hen police showed up.. But did later try to got a restrain order.. Went womens groups i lost it.. I ended up getting my job back.. Never do i want to see ex pretend man again.. But now apart baby daddy and i did it regularly.. I hated my life and what i was putting my daughter through.. Then i found church and got broke everything off with everyone in the town i live family friend whatever it was inly about god, my daughter, and myself.. After almost 3.5 years broken from baby daddy i finally said no to him 2 months went by and he lived with baby mama he was puzzled that i got over him in my own way… Day of his new babys 1 year bday the new baby mama got texts from me about the truth.. She broke up with him.. He knows how i felt.. He mow calls me all the time we ate in friend mode and he his done with games.. And is willing to wait sexually.. I just dont know if i can trust him… And thats where im at today…

“You look amazing. You smell amazing. You look like you are doing great in your life. You look like you’ve been working out. You look happy. You look confident, sexy, fun and attractive. You look like a catch. Why did I break up with you again?” – Your Ex