Hi my name is Jade I am a guy and I dated a girl for 6 months I know it’s kinda short but I still fell in love with her and she’s still in love with me. She found a rebound guy and he is nothing like her. It’s really scary but I try to just let her do what she wants and make cute little remarks like you look fantastic today to her and things like that. But she is starting to like this guy and keeps telling me that she feels like she has to pick between us. I don’t really think that this is the right thing to do but I sit around and hope she comes back even though I doubt it will happen, she still tells me she loves me and talks to me very often. She even gave ma a kiss the other day and then walked away. I’m confused. Does she really truly want me back or is she trying to play games with my head.

2. I didn’t know about the other guy. Even if I felt infuriated in my mind that she chose to withhold this from me for over a month eventhough it’s clear now she knew him before the breakup, if she would have told me then at that day at the restaurant I would have never pursued her and little by little changed her perspective about me. She now truly believes I love her although she’s not convinced I’ve changed or can change and chose to stick with the other guy.

Same case is with me mate, I want my GF badly but do not know how? She stopped talking to me and replying me as well but most surprising thing was she did not tell me why she did so? I never did any thing that hurt her, she is not telling me the reason as well, I am extremely disappointed. Someone help me please.

Hey Kevin! My name is Toni and my ex girlfriend of 14 months just broke up with me 4 days ago. She said she needed to focus on herself and grow. During the relationship, I kept telling her the exact same things she just wouldn’t do it. Her friends and some of her family members had a big influence in her decision to break up with me. We started off long distance (11 hours driving) and I ended up losing my apartment and my car in the same week. She offered to drive there let me stay with her at her parents house which I did and we were staying from January to September. We got our own place finally last month. Everything was fine so I thought. We had a couple nights of bad moods before it happened. I suggested we take a little break so we didn’t do or say things that we’d regret and figure things out. Then she just broke up me through text message while I was at work. I don’t know what to do. I built a life here and I don’t think I can just go back to where I’m from. I’m so lost on what to do. Can you help me?

Thank you for sharing your experiences with me. I know it’s really hard not to know what to do when it comes to your relationship. Getting back together with an ex after years apart is possible, but I think that you’ll really have to think about what it is your want from your relationship. Have he evolved as a person since you ended? Have you? Take this time to reflect and I think you’ll come up with the right answer.

The reason you should need to do this exercise is you have to build your new relationship stronger. Your old relationship ended as soon as your ex leaves you. Now you have to pick the strength of your past relationship and build a new relationship while avoiding the mistakes of your previous relationship.

Identify the issues that may have lead to the break up. You can do this in an active way by keeping a journal and writing down your thoughts and feelings around the break up. Think about factors that may have lead to the break up, such as infidelity, a lack of trust, or a lack of sexual desire. Make a list of these factors and consider if you are responsible for any of these reasons.[2]

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I want to patch up again coz I hope we can work it out this time me being more mature and understanding. But I want to return the funds as my instincts says that I should do this even if we patch up. It compromise my self respect now. So I told her to return the same but she said she wouldn’t meet me again once I return the amount.

Have real resolve. If you truly want to win your ex wife back, you’re going to have to overcome the negativity she feels for you. She will more than likely project it towards you. You’ll have to be a rock. Realize that this anger is coming from a very hurt person from a very dark place. Make up your mind, here and now, that you’ll do whatever it takes to get another shot with her. If you can’t do that then there’s no point to trying. Just let her be and you go about your existence. Because you’re not a quitter, it means you’re going to stay stoic. You’re going to make it happen by any means necessary. You’ve realized that you still love her. All you have to do is get her to realize the feeling is still mutual.

Hey Ryan! So we have continued texting after the last time I told you about (the phone call where he said he felt pressured and another time to catch up since I was going away) I text him saying I was going away and he said have a lovely trip and take some piccies(photos). He said he had a nice Xmas but is a little sunburnt. I text him a photo a few days later while I was away and he replied in 1 minute saying omg that looks amazing where are u? I didn’t reply and he then sent me a message on 1st of January saying happy new year I replied later that day saying hey! Just watched a house of cards, reminded me of you, made me smile! He replied within 2 minutes saying 🙂 too hungover to physically smile but that’s a nice thought! I had a bad experience where someone tried to break in my house so I called him early that morning then I realised I shouldn’t have done that so I sent a text saying just an update I’m safe now, at my friends place. He then replied saying glad you’re safe, you are better off calling the police if you feel unsafe. Then later that day I text him saying I’m still feeling a bit shaken by it would you be up for a phone call, he replied saying sorry I don’t feel like talking in the phone at the moment but don’t let this dampen your new year, there are plenty of jerk guys in the world, just be you and love it! I replied saying I understand and did u have a good day he replied yeah, did a lot of furniture moving and sent me a photo of what he had changed in his room. After that it was his birthday so I sent a message saying happy birthday! He replied within the hour saying 🙂 thanks lady! I didn’t reply and have started no contact as I feel when i am a bit distant he replies instantly kind of thing. I was thinking to continue no contact until around the 16th of January which would mean I haven’t texted him since the 4th of January. In my text on the 16th of January I was planning to say if he’s free to catch up for a quick cuppa sometime this week? I don’t want to do the wrong thing since I have asked before, but he is a big introvert and he rarely ever asks anyone to catch-up even friends/family. They usually ask him. My only fear is that he has said yes he’d like to catch up but wants to find his own feet first, he said this in December though. What would u recommend?

How long do you stay on Step 2 is totally dependent on how long it takes for you to feel great about yourself and your life. After all Step 2 is all about you. When you think you are ready, you need to move on to step 3 aka Re-attraction.

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