NC would help because right now although she’s still in contact with you, the fact remains the same that she won’t give you another shot. You have to give her some time to change that train of thought and by showing her you’ve changed. This is hard to see when she’s still in constant contact with you. Complete NC and work on your issues before coming back and asking her for a second chance.

The best way for two people to maintain a bond over a long period of time is for them to have projects together. You can start off with aiming to buy or to build a house, you can envision having kids together, what you will name them and how you intend to raise them; but I would like you to focus on something even deeper, something that will enable you both to really dream further together.

So I just found out something huge ! My boyfriend (or ex) left me out of the blue basically & he started talking to a bunch of girls, especially girls I didn’t approve of him talking to because I knew their intentions. & I was really hurt, I was wondering why he was doing me so wrong & leave me like I never ever meant a thing to him ? Well, I found out today that I guess he thinks I cheated on him. So what do I do ? Because I didn’t cheat on him so how do I prove that to him ? How do I get him back without being pushy about talking to me about the whole topic & how do I tell him I didn’t cheat & have him believe me ?

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That relationship lasted about 25 hours total. I had, more or less, had a fling with another girl during the first and second breakup. Mary was upset when she found out and dumped me faster than you can say, “Jeremy Glass is a garbage island covered in radioactive waste.”

I may do a review of the book you mention. If so I will reference your excellent comment. Thanks so much for writing in, and also for your encouraging feedback about my perspective of hope and attempts to change before writing off an abusive person.

You first have to understand if him saying that you’re unable to focus on your career is a legitimate worry he has or if it’s an excuse to end things. That would determine if you should contact him, because if it’s a real concern he has, and you are able to convince him that you can stay focused and still be with him, then you should try to fix things.

Getting her to want you back in a committed relationship is more about what NOT to do, than what to do. Because, you have the attraction back by this point from the previous steps, so all you need to do here is get out of your own way, and let the getting-back-together happen on it’s own.

If you think that by being friends with your ex, you can stay in their lives and hopefully get back together again, you are just plain wrong. By being friends you are not giving yourself and your ex enough time and space to heal. Not to mention, you will probably end up getting friendzoned by your ex. You could end up listening to your ex complaining about their new lovers (cue : Ex-girlfriends)  or they might propose being friends with benefits (cue: Ex-boyfriends).

Now, if your ex has already made the decision to break up with you? These emotions are unwelcome. And this is why your ex will seem cold and distant… pushing you away or avoiding you completely so as not to remind them of the residual feelings your ex still has for you.

Work on yourself. Take some time to work out whatever problem may have ended your relationship, and just spend time enjoying your own company or hanging out with friends. Make a list of three flaws that you’d like to change about yourself, and slowly start to address them. It takes a lifetime to grow as a person, but even taking small steps to become your ideal steps can help your relationship.

Yes, you’re super-psyched that you’re spending time together again and yes, the makeup sex is really hot. But, if it’s going to work out, there’s no rush. While Klow says there’s no proven formula for what speed you should move at, it doesn’t hurt to slow down and take a beat before you slap a label on things.