You could try to contact her again casually after NC ends, but you should mentally prepare that it doesn’t work out, and to walk away if she still doesn’t reply. She may have her reasons for leaving you so suddenly like ex boyfriend walking back into her life, or personal matters, of which you’ll probably have to let go of things if she won’t even tell you what the reasons are, because it means that she’s prepared to cut you out completely.

I know you desperately want to become closer to her by helping her in recovering from breakup feelings but remember if you do this you will ONLY helping her in healing process rather than healing yours.

So totally, totally wrong. Because not only can you bring your relationship back to that magical place, recreating those original feelings is the one irresistable thing that will have your ex dying to be with you again.

This can help you take ownership of the part you played in the break up and help you focus on issues that you may need to work through on your own. In the event your ex-partner does give you a second chance, you want to be sure you can step up and be a good partner. Part of this is acknowledging your shortcomings in the relationship and being willing to work on your shortcomings.

My lost love of more than 2 decades, married, returned to me with promises of giving me a good time. I am not looking for commitment, but good time, because of left over emotions. He was all over me, but soon as I gave in, he took off without any explanation. I want him back.

me and my ex were together for 14 years and unforuatly we split up over money worries and i wasnt a nice person i was drinking and arguing this year i have decived i want her back as i think she is my soul mate.

So, my ex and I are kind of talking on and off. She broke up with me because she didn’t think I loved her and she didn’t think I was sexually attracted to her. I was dealing with stress and had a porn addiction. She turned me on like crazy but I felt bad because it would take me forever to finish because I had usually taken care of myself before. (I have since fixed this addiction). We talk, but she is still having doubts about getting back together, she thinks things will just be the same. I keep showing support for her and try to show that I am more in tune with being there for her where I lacked before. Just having a tough time breaking through her wall. I don’t know what else I can do. I guess just take my time building the trust?

You don’t have to worry because there is always some HOPE to get your ex back. With the help of correct guidance you can win your ex back doesn’t matter how worst your situation is. You don’t need to beat yourself if you want to get your ex back. Forget all things because they are past now and only focus on future. If you want to know how to get your ex back then you have reached to the right page.

In “The Lovemap Code,” one way I show how to do this in getting an ex back is by communicating to your ex that people who were against the relationship (and ideally people who your ex doesn’t like—such as frenemies) seemed happy about the breakup.

My ex and I dated online for 4 months, because we are in different countries. We broke up 8 months ago after she was acting like crazy about little things and I was really distracted and busy with my PhD study. I could not tolerate anymore. Now I have feelings again for her, I contacted her on facebook to get back together again, she said its too late, where have you been all this months long. How to get her back again, I really have a cruch on her

I think the best thing for you to do is to approach him from a different angle. Don’t talk about getting back together, just meet him as a friend and have fun with him. Instead of telling him you’ve changed, show him that. And the only way you can show him that is by spending time with him. And the only way you can spend time with his is as a friend. The thoughts of getting back with you will start popping up in his head when he sees you’ve changed. And don’t ever ask him why he didn’t call. It makes you look needy.

Talk about absolutely everything beforehand. It’s a bad idea to get back with an ex if there’s any unfinished business hanging over your heads. If there was a particular reason why your relationship failed previously then it’s a good idea to establish some mutually agreed ground rules about certain behaviours beforehand.

My bf broke up with me 1 week and a day ago and I miss him a lot and idk if he still loves me because last year he LOVED me we dated an entire summer then he broke up with me and I want to know why but we never even talk at ALL any more I need help with this problem give me some advice pls

When you were single, you pursued your wife to win her heart. You wooed her with gifts, candlelight, and soft music. Maybe you wrote her letters or sang her songs. However you did it, by all the attention you showed her, she felt desired and cherished, like she was a princess on a glass hill who was worth a great quest. By the way you listened to her, she came to trust you, finally feeling that her heart would be safe with you. Whether you knew it or not, you convinced her you would be her heart’s protector.

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Make him jealous (optional). This doesn’t work for everyone, but if you think that having your ex see you with another guy, or just flirting with a group of guys, will make him want to be around you even more than go for it. This doesn’t mean you should get another boyfriend just to make him jealous. Just let him see you flirting, tossing your hair back, or even getting on the dance floor with another guy or two.

So let go of over-thinking about the other. That’s part of what doesn’t work in relationships. Responsive is fine, Trying to guess all the time what the other person thinks or will do, that’s disaster.

Ok, so me and my ex were together for three months. He is 16 and I am 19. We are both guys. So basically we had an huge fight during New Year’s eve and broke up for two days. We decided to then to get back and try again, and then he decided that we would be better as just “friends” later on that weekend… He broke up with me because he didn’t want to cut talking with a boy he met (and kissed) during New Year’s eve… During the first the days after the break up he was acting like nothing happened or whatsover till I decided to use the whole “no contact” thing to him and then he asked to me go pick up my stuff on his house next week… So what should I do, is the any chance at all anymore or not.

Recall who initiated the breakup. Was it you? If so, did you do it after careful thought or in a fit of anger that you now regret? Was it your ex, and did he or she have specific reasons? Was it a mutual decision?

This is about trusting that giving him time is going to make him miss you, and getting into a better mindset so you are as attractive to him as possible. The alternative is panicking, stalking him, texting him constantly, and begging him to take you back – which never works. Trust that this is the only way to get him back (and keep him for good).

He broke up with me last Monday after 1 year and 3 months, for me it was the happiest time of my life and we never fought and had a happy and loving relationship. Reading this has really helped me as I’m going into my second week of NC tomorrow. I genuinely think we both needed a break but I’m not going to sit here and believe that we’re gonna get back together I’m just going to do my 4 Week Detox, then go from there. Wish me luck . X

It complicated and I’m not trying to get wrapped up in something that’s gonna hurt and I feel like it’s gonna be the 3rd time we’ve seen each other in less than a month after over 2 years with no face time and her never being the one to initiate contact… it literally was me texting her first except for my birthday twice. She made comments on snaps from my story but never texted about anything. I would send her updates on my accomplishments in the drug program and job prospects and she would respond with a good job or atta boy

In that situation your girl will, in return, go cold on you too. Again, she ends up feeling disconnected from you, “he’s being distant”, and so she breaks up with you, leaving you needing to learn how to get your ex-girlfriend back fast.

I keep thinking what if I got a work visa and found a job for the summer after university ends for me- in his new city. would he consider trying again? I’m guessing this is a very bad idea as I would be inviting myself and this might look crazy to chase him. Should I just move on for now enjoy my summer and contact him near the end of it?

The second time around, I wasn’t smitten. The backslide that’s supposed to be a bad decision was the best decision I ever made. I didn’t do it for all the right reasons. I did it for absolutely ALL of the wrong ones. And it went great.