Keep in mind that getting back with an ex can take some time depending on how bad things got between you and your ex; how the breakup occurred; or if you committed major mistakes (like begging, crying, etc.) hoping to quickly get back together!

Write all those things down and focus on them. That will help force your brain to realize that your relationship with him wasn’t all sunshine and happiness, and in fact there were a lot of reasons that you might not have been happy. Do that – and you’ll make huge strides in erasing his power over you.

You have to realize that you are holding onto companionship, not happiness. It takes time to learn to be happy on your own (and that is just about when you meet your perfect match) but the result is totally worth it. 

My main suggestion is to keep doing more of what you have been doing, that is, talking openly, letting go of any pressuring of each other, appreciating and enjoying the positive sides of your relationship, and taking on faith that if the relationship is meant to be, it will be.

So, stop over-thinking things. I know you have very strong feelings for him, but you jumped into the relationship knowing there will issues. And these are the issues that come with dating a man going through a divorce. If you are going to freak out every time he doesn’t say “I miss you” in his texts, you are going to drive yourself crazy (and possibly very sick with the smoking). So calm down.

How are you doing, husband? Is your wife considering separation, or worse, are you already separated? How are you handling it? Are you angry? Were you shocked? Do you feel like you have just awakened from a long sleep, and now find yourself becoming an intensely spiritual man? Would you like to win your wife back and restore your family?

By “some time,” I don’t mean a few days or a week… I mean at least a month. I know that sounds like a long time, but here’s my reasoning: it’s normal to feel like you want your ex back immediately after a relationship ends. You haven’t even begun moving on yet! But if a month passes by and you still want to be with this person just as much as you did the day after the breakup, that means that maybe things just aren’t finished between you two yet. If you broke up, it was for a reason. You both need a good amount of time alone to figure things out on your own before deciding you want to get back together

He was my bestfriend for a while and then we found out that we actually love each other so we dated for a few months and then he told me that we should go back to being bestfriends to protect what we have because we can never be together or get married due to our religious beliefs.. when we started doing that he was already talking to another girl who follows the same religion as him and i got jealous and got into many fights with him about that .. that lasted for about 2 months and then he got sick from my craziness and told me that we should be just regular friends not even bestfriends and we shouldn’t text everyday or call each other unless there is something important.. that was about a month ago .. i begged him to become bestfriends again i talked alot and tried everything i could do but it was no use .. yesterday i talked to him about it again and he told me that being just friends is his final decision ans he won’t change his mind and i should act that way and just let it flow .. i hate the fact that he’s in control and that it was his decision to be just regular friends. Moreover, he and that other girl became really close I’m not sure if they are dating or not but i know that they talk and hang out alot .. we go to the same college so i see them together alot .. whenever he sees me he acts normal as regular friends .. what should i do to go back into being bestfriends again ? What should i do to win him back after he said that he already moved on? I’m not sure if the other girl is a rebound or everything between them is real also.

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Also he wrote, that if i want to talk, he’s absolutely fine with it, if it HELPS ME (to forget him? haha), so i should contact him, if i want to talk, because it’s a minimum after me helping him a lot……

If you have ever heard the old saying that if you love someone set them free, you will probably know that there is a lot of truth to it. Most men love to divide and conquer. With that being said, don’t make it too easy for him to come back. However, before you get to this stage, you need to first build interest on his part in wanting to get back together with you.

Wow. 3 weeks after that phone call, she put “In a relationship” On facebook with someone else (according to a friend; I deleted her after I told her what I knew). Which means she was seeing someone else when I called her (clearly it takes time to go FB official with someone). So she didn’t even tell me on the phone when I called her that she was seeing someone.

My vibe was affected by stress of school and radiated out into other areas of my life without my realizing…granted my ex never communicated how I was making him feel, but the breakup made me realize what had happened and how i can get those stress levels down and vibe up…I am prepared it is too late…he will never be able to share those vibes. But if he doesn’t hes also missing out because I feel good, a little sad it didn’t work out, but good overall.

Well, he got in a relationship a week after we broke up, we stopped talking a month before that, a week later we started talking again, it was obvious he still loves me, a week later he was mine again!

You could start with No contact and avoid making small talk with him for the time being. This article helps you deal with having to see your ex on a daily basis. Do that until you feel that you’re not as affected by things, and start with initiating a casual friendship to see if there’s still a spark, and whether the situation may be different this time compared to the previous relationship.

Hi guys. I would like to know how everyone has made it happen in terms where I haven’t made its been 5 years apart with my ex 2016 we spoke via email and he mentioned that he is happy with where he is and assumes I’m happy. After that email we met for dinner got another email later stating that while we had dinner he wondered how far we would have been if it wasnt the day I broke up with him and it brought an unpleasant feeling. I still like the person but I don’t know if I should close the chapter or email him a year later today as it’s his birthday…

Recently I broke up with my gf and I really want her back. she didnt break up with me because she doesnt love me anymore but she broke it up because she thinks it wont work anymore. eversince the break up, i learned my lessons and i tried getting her back. i apologized and i promised i will change and she said she trusts me and will give me another chance. before that, she also sent me a message that she misses me and etc. i asked her few days ago and she said yes we are going to be back but for now, she said lets be friends and i agreed. everything was going smoothly. i had a meetup yesterday, and in the movie theatre, i tried not to show my affections and and keep the status “friends” but then she leaned on me, hugged me and kissed me and eventually we made out (she is the one who broke up)( i just went with the flow). after all these, when we were bout to go home, she said she is confused whether we should stay as friends or continue relationship. she thinks that we are just trying to force a toxic relationship/scared it will repeat what happened when we were dating (there was no cheating or whatsoever). she said she isnt mentally prepared for another relationship. she cried alot and i can see that shes having a very hard time making the choices. she decided that we should be close friends. what should i do to get her back as my gf and make her happy? does no contact rule apply to me now or is it too late? i can see that she really wants to be in a relationship but then she is scared… should i just move on?? pls helpppp (im 17 and we dated 20 months)

I am sorry that you are going through this pain. The first thing you need to do is back off for a while. If she is dating someone else, you need to respect her new relationship and don’t do anything that threatens it.

Remember, your ex will not make you happy, only you can make yourself happy. And the only way you can do it is by understanding yourself, loving yourself, appreciating what you have, understanding your purpose in life and pursuing it.

I guess in a very rare case. If your ex is willing to work on whatever caused him to cheat. He/She has agreed to do whatever it takes to rebuild the trust. And you are ready to forgive him/her and work on rebuilding the trust.

Open, honest communication. For so many people, “to communicate” means to speak and to explain a viewpoint in an attempt to share something important. That’s partially correct. But to ensure things are discussed in a productive way, and to avoid miscommunication that can lead to future resentment and problems, listening is far more important than speaking.

About 2 or 3 years ago I met this guy named Austin and I dated him for like a few days to a week then he would break up with me. A few days later he would ask me out and I always said yes. Well we dated for 2 years on and off. Anyway he dated me and his ex with some other girl at once so me and his other girl Brittany broke up with him while his ex Kayla wouldn’t. About 3 or 4 years after our break up he texts me and asks me if I know the number he texts me from and I said yes but the problem is that I’m depressed. I miss him and I don’t think anyone or anything could replace it. My friend is trying to get us back together but I don’t think he would. When we had to go to school we still stayed up all night on the phone then when we got home we would be on the phone til the next day. I really can’t explain it but I’ve been depressed, cried a lot, pray for us to be together and much more. Please help me I don’t know what to do!!

Every relationship is unique, so it may take several weeks for you and your ex-partner to reconnect or it may take several months. Gauge your ex-partner’s comfort level by gently suggesting meeting up in person for a coffee or a drink after a period of talking back and forth via text, email, or phone. Choose a place that you know will be comfortable for your ex-partner, preferably a public place, and be accommodating to your ex-partner’s schedule when choosing the meeting time. It’s important that your ex-partner feel that you are willing to meet them on their terms, as this will demonstrate respect and care for their needs.

You release dopamine and endorphins, two chemicals responsible to your emotional well-being, when you exercise. And you get hotter, too. Never underestimate the power of physical attraction to keep or attract a man again. Besides, whether or not you want to get your ex back, being physically fit and attractive is always a guaranteed self-esteem booster. You need lots of it after a breakup.  

The trick for you will be to play it cool and to just focus on having a good time. Remember we are trying to prove to an ex that we can make them happy! This date should be about proving that you can both get along just fine and not fight or argue even though you are no longer together. You shouldn’t under any circumstances bring up past issues.

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The message however was not that positive. It was about feeling sorry about NOT GETTING IN CONTACT WITH ME, and DELETING of our pics, he had to do it because he felt awful when he looked at them… (Which is hilarious due to i did not show him any sadness about it) He wrote that he is totally sorry for causing me a lot of pain, it hurts him a lot. And that we should talk soon, as he wants to be friends, but not now, because it would harm the wounds…………. Also he said he knows my friends will take care of me, and admitted (again, like we had a conversation before…) that we had wonderful times together (then why did he break???).

If you are in the mindset of trying to figure out how to win someone back forever you need to come to terms with the fact you can never ever slow down your efforts! You will continuously need to keep working to prove your change or evolution because you are always under the threat of a relapse.

Your ex simply lost faith in your ability to make them happy in the long run. It’s the key to getting to your ultimate goal of getting back together. Prove that you can make them happy permanently and you will have succeeded in getting back with the one you love!

Wherever possible, and once you are able to do so after the painful period has passed, get back to being you, do things that make you happy and do all you can so you are living your life to the point of a radiance coming off you. Women who carry themselves in this way are very attractive to men.

a history of unfaithfulness. While some relationships can move on past infidelity, broken trust is extremely hard to repair and even if you can build it back, it is easily broken again. A relationship that has experienced infidelity is likely to need extra support in the form of ongoing counseling to repair broken trust.[22]

The first thing you have to do is to reframe your way of thinking. You cannot control the way things happens in your world, but you surely can control how these things affect your life and what you learn from them.

A lot of times, people breakup simply because of circumstances. Maybe one of you had to go to another city for college or business and you didn’t want to try long distance. Sometimes, you wanted to try long distance but it didn’t work so you had to break up. If such is the case, then it is worth a try to get back together provided the circumstances have changed.

I’m really missing her and don’t know if i should ever get in touch with her .. its been 14 days… Should I try to get in touch soon and have a proper mature discussion about us breaking up? It just bothers me so much how we had something so good and it just crashed and burned. For some reason I keep thinking we should try again in the future as we do have a deep bond and according to 2 mutual friends, she is battling through some depression which caused her to reach out to her ex whenever she felt insecure with us doing distance. Does NOT justify it.. but I feel sorry for her in that she was battling that stuff…