An insightful counselor will be able to help you discover your blind spots, but only Jesus can bring you into full acceptance of your true spiritual position and help you to accept responsibility for the course you must take.

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So, stop over-thinking things. I know you have very strong feelings for him, but you jumped into the relationship knowing there will issues. And these are the issues that come with dating a man going through a divorce. If you are going to freak out every time he doesn’t say “I miss you” in his texts, you are going to drive yourself crazy (and possibly very sick with the smoking). So calm down.

My brother — don’t you be one of the 70% that flakes out on God. He has sacrificed His son and purchased us with His blood, so that we would live sold out to Him. Give yourself fully to Him, because He is God – not just to get your wife back. Your wife will thrive on deep, selfless love, but to give that to her will require that you drink from God’s well of love daily.

My boyfriend broke up with me 2 months ago because of the distance and the fact that he has lost feelings for me (about this he wasn’t really certain though…). I have accomplished NC succesfully and got in touch again with him in the begining of December. We started to have small talks, videochating occasionally and we have even achieved an active snap activity. However, recently, to be more exact, when going back to school he started to be distant and cold. I know that he has a lot of work as now he is in exam period, but he always replies short and almost after 24 or 16 hours, which is not typic of him.

One of the keys to getting back together will be your ability to stay active and not let your sadness or depression lead to inaction. It is very common to want to stay on your couch, not do anything or have no desire to see anyone after a breakup. The issue is that if you do not force yourself to stay active and to undertake certain actions, you will keep digging yourself further and further down the hole.

Getting your ex back following a long distance relationship can also be quite a challenge if you are unable to stay in contact with them. It is necessary to try to maintain some contact, even if it’s just an email exchange every month or so, otherwise it can become a lot more difficult quite quickly.

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Anywho, last Tuesday (the last time that I saw him in person), he blurted out once again that he feels selfish for needing so much alone time, suddenly needing to travel (he decided on a whim to book a trip to France by himself for a week in April), not giving me “what I need” sexually (sorry to bring it up, but our “intimacy” has suffered a bit over the recent weeks – not the frequency but the quality, and yet I haven’t been upset by it one bit) – which I have already picked up on because he’s been so “in his head”, etc . He mentioned that he likes being committed to me and that he wasn’t trying to break up with me, but that sometimes it still hurts to know that his 16 year marriage has ended. I told him that I was more than fulfilled by the man he was and the way that he loved me, and that I saw all of his struggles as an opportunity for me to lend support and an escape as well as act as a symbol of the new and happy life that he gets to establish for himself on his terms. I asked him not to decide what I deserve, that it was my decision, and that I was perfectly happy. I understand completely that a man who doesn’t want to be in an unhealthy marriage anymore and who doesn’t ever want for or plan a reconciliation could still be mourning the end of that partnership, especially with three kids involved. I have always allowed for and respected that grief. That night we tried to – well you know – and it “didn’t work” (something that he’d dealt with in his marriage as well as with the two women that he dated before me and something that our openness and connection had temporarily rectified at the beginning of the relationship, but had started to become more common lately), and I do admit that I was visibly frustrated and a little quiet afterward because I knew that there was something on his mind and it frustrated me to know that. Things were a bit “awkward” going to sleep. The next morning, we parted ways with an “I’ll miss you” from him, and things seemed alright. Thursday evening, after a normal day of talking via text (granted, I had to text him first around noon – out of the norm, and he wouldn’t respond for a couple of hours – out of the norm as well) he sent me a message at 8:00pm that said “Hi you. You deserve to know that I’m going dark for the rest of the night, no phone or text. I’m okay, know that. I just don’t want you to worry. I have unresolved issues that I have to sort out…I’m sorry I’m so broken :. I am not with anyone or doing anything specific, it’s not about that. Just me being alone with my thoughts. I’ll text you tomorrow, hope you’re having a good night!” I texted back the most calm, objective, supportive, understanding, and mature message that I could, and then proceeded to panic. I have been living on cucumbers, hot tea, and cigarettes ever since. I felt in my gut that something was seriously not right. The next day he texted me once at 9:30pm with “Hi you…sorry I’ve kind of disappeared on you, crazy day. Getting the girls in bed and I’m going to go to sleep too, I’m tired. I hope your day is going well and that you have a fun Friday night!!!”. I tried to respond as supportive and “girlfriendy” as I could, all the while breaking apart inside. We didn’t speak all of yesterday (Saturday) or today until I finally bit the bullet in the evening and sent him an email (trying to still give him space) saying “Thinking of you and wishing you four a wonderful weekend, xo K”. I got an email a half hour later that said “Hi you, so sorry that I’ve dropped off of the planet, girls and I had a busy weekend. I’m hoping that we can see each other sometime tomorrow, maybe lunch or afternoon time?” (No I love you or I miss you since Tuesday, for the record)

I really love your blogs, they make a lot of sense, and I need your help with something. I’m 39 years old and I’m engaged to a woman I adore. Here’s my problem, she nags me all the time. I want to be there for her but it feels like she’s always demanding so much time and energy. I know you’re supposed to “compromise” in a relationship but it seems like I’m making all the sacrifices and I’m starting to feel like this relations…

Hi Kevin. Ive been dating this girl for 6months everything was moving perfect for us both. She fell pregnant and i proposed to her and we were engaged. She decided to have an abortion due to finacially we both wernt stable and ready. I was abit emotionally about the abortion as she was assell experiencing a life changing procedure. Things became abit difficult both of us dealing with our emotions and feelings at the time.I made the wrong regretful decision by ending it and i unfortunately didnt show her support an comfort. Its been extremely hard an difficult dealing with this whole situation. Its nearly been 2 months we nearly been separated for now.she says i need to fix my issues and become stable and she doesnt want no relationship at this stage.. which im coming to terms of and making positive changes in my life..its been just over 2 weeks i havnt contacted her until yesterday wishing her merry Christmas but no reply.. so ive just left it.. Deep down i sincerely love this girl with my entire heart and i would appreciate advice and guidience aswell as steps to reconnect with her.kind regards.

Chuck and Blaire, Ross and Rachel, Carrie and Big. Yes, there are cases when couples get back together and it works out. But you’re not a fictional TV character or (and I know this will be harder to accept) Carrie Bradshaw. Every relationship is different. Be realistic about yours and your expectations. Hate to break it to you, but in the real world, your ex is not going to chase you to Paris (unless Paris is Paris, OH).

Discretion must be observed here. You are merely gathering information, so be certain you don’t end up trying to win this person to your side. It’s reconciliation you are seeking – not victory in a conflict. 

So let go of over-thinking about the other. That’s part of what doesn’t work in relationships. Responsive is fine, Trying to guess all the time what the other person thinks or will do, that’s disaster.

Having said that, though, both partners can certainly contribute to infidelity. It’s like, if you’re happy with your job, and a headhunter calls, you don’t even talk to them…but if you’re unhappy, the stage is set for talking and walking.

Don’t just throw it in his face that you still love him and that you want him back. Be stronger than your emotions. Give the whole “getting back together” process some time; make a good foundation for that future you’ll build together.

If you do happen to hear through the grapevine that your ex is seeing someone new, try not to jump to conclusions or let jealousy set in. By no means should you do anything to try to thwart a new relationship. Let your ex have some time to find out if you are really the one; you don’t want to force a person to be with you who really wants to be with someone else.

Once you’re done figuring things out on your own, you obviously need to have a conversation with your ex. An honest convo guys, not one where you’re both just like, “I miss you, I can’t live without you!” Talk about what you both want to change, what you want in the future and what’s been going on while you were together. Get everything out there now!

2 nights after, I went out together with my friends (night out). Unfortunately, we saw each other there. He thought I have a company guy so what he did is dance with another girl. I saw it. I was so drunk and so mad. I slapped her. And I even invited him outside to talk, but I beat him up (slap, kick, pull his shirt). And unfortunately his eyes hit the gutter and theres a blood already. We brought him to the hospital (together with my siblings), and the doctors need to stitch his eyelid. My ex’s mom is a doctor so we called her right away to check on him. My ex’s told his mom that he fell of a cab and hit the gutter. His mom cried as soon as he sees his son.

I keep thinking what if I got a work visa and found a job for the summer after university ends for me- in his new city. would he consider trying again? I’m guessing this is a very bad idea as I would be inviting myself and this might look crazy to chase him. Should I just move on for now enjoy my summer and contact him near the end of it?

Nagged To Death = A man looks at this as if his woman no longer is satisfied with what he has to offer or bring to the table. This doesn’t mean you can’t always express your feelings you just need to do a better job at mixing them in with love and admiration for him.