You should be able to provide the exact reason for wanting to get him back. Your break-up is never easy, even if you realized that your relationships was not exactly the perfect fit in the first place.

Well, it seems that he himself seems reluctant to meet you right now for whatever reasons. It could very well be that it’s too soon still, and you should give him more time and let him initiate on a meeting up instead. You’ve tried a couple of times and have been met with rejection so I don’t advice trying any further or you might push him away. Just take it casually, continue to focus on yourself first, and don’t let these little rejections get you down.

Be thankful and learn from your past and use that to become a better and more lovable person. Realize that there are different kinds of people that we are meant to meet in life. Some of them are just passing by to give us lessons, some will make us stronger, some are meant to show us what real world is like and there are some who will stay with us forever.

Hi, I just don’t know how to explain the pain I’m going through. I am not in a relationship but I have something more than a friendship with my best guy friend. I met him when I was going through pain after the break up with my first love I ever had. He helped me to be happy and comforted me and made me feel like I’m special. Now it’s been more than one and half year since we first started talking. We used to talk a lot. We couldn’t go a day without talking. And we went out on dates too. But we were not officially goin out. And I asked him out once because I couldn’t be like that for so long cause I felt like I’ll lose him if we didn’t get in a relationship. So I asked him out but he told me that we are just friends and we will always be. And told me that he will always be there for me no matter what. And he kept talking to me like before. He never changed his way of treating me never ignored me. He always comforted me and still he do. But now he is going to a new college and says that he doesn’t have enough time to talk to me like we did and that was okay cause I understood the situation. I knew he’d be busy and that was okay for me but now he doesn’t even have enough time to send me a single text even once a two days. He talks to me on Instagram direct message rarely and he is not like before. So,etimes doesn’t reply me but the messages are seen. I thought positive and thought it’s because he needs to study. But this is hurting me a lot. The fear of losing him hurts. And now he has a female friend who is helping him in his studies. And tbh I was so jealous about it. And he studies with her all day long and he doesn’t have time for me.. not even a minute. That can’t be right? I feel so worthless. I just thought I should let go. But it’s so hard for me.. I just don’t know how I should follow the mentioned instructions because I’m scared of myself cause sometimes when it’s really hard to forget him I wish I was dead

Women are submissive by nature and they want their man to be the polar opposite (dominant). Leaving decisions (could be about anything) to her, is submissive behavior by you, and it places her in the dominant role – a role that the female kind doesn’t take naturally to.

He finished the exams but not writing anymore… I tried to text him, but he acted cold and careless, he also stopped to send or reply on snaps. I don’t want to push him but also don’t know what should I do? In April I am visiting in his town, but haven’t told him about it as he acts like an ice-prince. Any advice what should I do now? I don’t want to seem desperate and needy in front of him…

The sole reason is that the ladies are always in more intense relationship as compared to the male counterpart. So it is almost impossible for the woman to think and then implement on coming closer to another man just to show off. But the trick has worked well and the track record is perhaps the best of it.

Hey,my long distance boyfriend just broke up with me after an ugly fight. He is working and I am a final year student. He thinks that I am not serious about my career and so instead of being with him, I should focus on that. But I am not able to get over him. I am working pretty well in my career but he doesn’t understand. Also, he always comes up with an excuse of not having time as he is busy with his office stuff. But as I said, I love him a lot. I am going to his city next week for an interview. Please suggest me if I should meet him and fix things or not.

If you are embarrassed, think about when your parents were younger. They likely experienced the similar emotions, which means that they can be understanding. You might be able to gain some wisdom from talking to them.

So my bf of almost two years changed our relationship from exclusively dating to date others. He did it because he met someone else. That first week was horrible since he’d still contact me daily. That hurt more than anything.

Show him you’ve changed. Take advantage of your time together as friends to show him how you’ve been working on improving yourself. For example, if it used to drive him crazy that you were always late, make a point of showing up for your outing a few minutes early.[8]

Make a list of all the things that your ex did that may have bothered you. Write these down partly for closure, and partly as a reminder of the things that you do not want in your new partner. While it is very difficult to find perfect partner, it is good to be conscious of making the same mistakes twice.