right after he came to visit. It was late and he spent the night. We ended up making out and the next day things backfired and he started acting up as if I’m nothing and he started regretting what happened. dat was just last 2 weeks.

The problem is, there are some things that I absolutely KNOW you’ll do wrong when it comes to this part, that will sabotage all your efforts and leave you back at square one. What you need here is for me to tell you what these bad things are so that you can be sure to avoid them.

Having life goals and a passion is not only attractive to girls; it’s also a huge confidence booster and therapeutic. If you are working on something you care about; your mind will focus on only that and you will forget about everything else.

Having said that, though, both partners can certainly contribute to infidelity. It’s like, if you’re happy with your job, and a headhunter calls, you don’t even talk to them…but if you’re unhappy, the stage is set for talking and walking.

So my girlfriend of 1.5 years broke up with me about a month ago because I cheated on her and didn’t confess because I was scared and didn’t want her to find out for fear of her breaking up with me. This was both of our first relationships. When I say cheat I am referring to me “allegedly” (I don’t remember due to alcohol) making out with a girl at a club. Our relationship had been going great for over a year. Not a single fight or problem. But I started getting these feelings of wanting to be with someone else (not someone in particular, just a different girl) and the relationship took a bad turn. We just lost contact, stopped seeing eachother as often and got into a couple fights. She found out and broke up with me and when she found out I was crushed. Not because I got caught but because I genuinely felt horrible. She is a great girl and didn’t deserve to be treated the way I treated her because I know she would never have done that to me. It just sucks that I had to find out how I truly felt about her the hard way. I was a mess when we broke up and I have only contacted her twice during the breakup so far, but we did speak about everything on the phone and really we got no where. She doesn’t trust me and is asking me why she should give me another chance and I am trying to explain to her that it was meaningless and I don’t even remember it. I feel like I should have waited to talk to her but its too late. it has been over a week since that phonecall with zero contact. I am at the one month no contact period and I’m not sure where to go from here. Please help.

Another than this, I recommend you to read Brad Browning’s The Ex Factor Guide  because it is one of the powerful guides ever written on ex back topic. It will show you why your relationship goes south and how you can bring your ex girlfriend back with the help of text messages.

If you dig deeper, you will find many things that make you uncomfortable with your ex. However, you keep on ignoring them thinking it wasn’t worth getting into an argument over. By ignoring these small things, you have allowed them to become a full-blown breakup.

If you use any of these tricks you only will be destroying your chances for getting your ex for long lasting relationship. You may able to get your ex by tricking them but this will be only short-lived. Your ex will leave you again by finding the old problems in relationship are still there.

“Help! How can I get back my ex!” is the distressed plea of many of my clients when they contact me to launch therapy. After years of gradual relationship deterioration, failing communication in a relationship, and off-putting interactions, at least in the eyes of their partner, some final-straw development suddenly propelled their partner to insist that they separate.

I broke up with my ex 7 months ago, we have known each other for 4-5 years now he has been my best friend and we were on a relationship for a year and a half, he loved me the moment we met, but I took some time to love him back..

Most of the time, your friends are generally going to encourage you to stay away from an ex in an attempt to help you. And while they’re not always right, sometimes they are. If your friends beg you not to give him a second chance, ask why. They might be seeing something you’re not. If you bring up the thought and they don’t seem completely against it, that’s a good sign that they think this could be right for you. Sometimes it helps to get an outside perspective (although what you want is ultimately more important).

My boyfriend and I got into a fight. He got arrested and charged. I understand that he’s very upset about that. I’m upset about it too. He moved some of his stuff out and staying at his mom’s house. He has depression really bad and now his even more depressed. I didn’t want him home until I knew it was safe for him to come home. We both said we are together but just taking a breather. He is so depressed that he quit his job, drinking and being neglectful. We will text great one day and talked about our issues. Everything seems great then the next day nothing. I picked him up one night he was shaking and have lost a lot of weight (it’s only been 2 weeks). We had a great night. The next more he got upset thinking that my kids didn’t want him around they are happy without him. My kids are really confused right now. I got him to eat and shower ect. Took him back to his mom ( not wanting to). We texted and I admit to my faults and mean it. He said he forgives me bit I broke him for what I said when I was angry and I said the same to him. But deep down I knew he was only mad but longer he stays away I’m starting to believe what he says. Now the next day no answer.. I know he has low self esteem issues and depression. He won’t take his name of the lease agreement and tells me he’s coming back. I’m starting to believe he’s playing games even though he’s not the type but being around his family he might have changed.. How long should I wait before shutting his phone off and car insurance. I’m not sure if he wants to be together or not. HELP PLEASE!!!

By not contacting your ex, you are giving them time to forget all those negative qualities about you and think about the good qualities in you. And the best part of no-contact is that when you stop contacting your ex, you automatically become “not needy” in their mind. (sometimes, this is enough for them to want to get back together.)

Men usually attract with the physical beauty of the women but women usually attract with traits. Some traits attract them and some traits repel them. Initially, your attractive traits bring your girlfriend closer to you but as relationship progress you start showing some unattractive traits that push her far from you.

Forgot to also ask, I ordered something online for myself and my ex. this was about 3 weeks ago now, its only just been delivered today, If she tries to contact me regarding it and tries to start a conversation is it best I just ignore her?

I called her on the phone (using a method he described in the book) and she actually returned my call.  That felt positive right off the bat.  I had the 7 steps right in front of me and followed each one.  She did most of the talking.  At first, she was kinda yelling and angry.  The negative emotions were right there, all right.  But I followed the venting method and after a while she calmed down some and starting talking normally. 

You may not come out of your previous relationship; you feel your breakup was unfair, and you deserve to have better. If you want to win the love of your ex, then you have to accept that your breakup indeed happens and it happens for a reason.

Avoid using the word “but.” “I am sorry, but…” means “I am not sorry.” Also, do not say “I’m sorry you feel that way” or “I’m sorry if you were offended.” This makes it seem like you are blaming the other person, and is not a real apology.[15]

my ex and I were together two years and the breakup was kinda needed. he had always been the more loving and passionate one in the relationship and I will admit I sometimes was unsure but I have always loved him and vice versa. we argued a lot but over silly things but when ever I was unsure about being together he would cry and beg me not to and so I never did because I was happy overall. after a huge argument he sent me a long message saying how I’m the best thing thats ever happened to him and that hes scared of loosing me and he loves me , and then a few days later he ended it but was very emotional about it. he rang the day after claiming it was a mistake but then later that day started to doubt what he actually wanted to do again. we went on a break for two weeks and then I lost my mind so I had to speak to him, he then confronted me about rumours of me being unloyal which were not true and then ended it with me as he said he wanted to be on his own and that he didn’t want it anymore but this time with no emotion and I also did not cry or show any emotion as I was so shocked, we hugged and then parted separate ways, I tried the no contact for 30days but only managed two weeks due to a really bad circumstance where I asked to talk to him about that as he was also my best friend and I needed him, I swore I didnt want to talk about our relationship. when I rang him we spoke and he comforted me etc and then continued to have a conversation with me about how I was and what I was getting up to and we stayed on the phone just talking about random things for 44 minutes in which I then ended the phone call. its been a day since I spoke to him and he hasn’t got in touch, was he just being friendly on the phone or could this phone call mean he misses me but needs to be sure about what he wants before he contacts me. do I keep waiting and start the no contact phase again or should I give up

Regardless, after about 3 weeks of non-stop interaction i finally ask her to be in a relationship. and she said yes, but with a long speech about how she didnt like the ideas of a boyfriend or relationships and love but that i was the exception, along with that she never wanted to hear me say things like “be together forever” “never stop loving you” and to this day i haven’t. Our relationship lasted 3 months, pretty much over the period of summer, and it was a dream, i enjoyed it all and truth be told wanted to say the things she wouldn’t want to hear, but then in the final weeks it went bad as, well at the time i was very very needy and emotional and sensitive as prior to that i had never really had much experience in relationships, and she wasn’t exactly a stereotypical movie girlfriend or whatever.

Your job is to show her a great time and show her that you have changed and are well equipped for a healthy relationship. You don’t want to end the date with asking her on a second date. Instead, you want to let this experience linger in her mind for a while.

If you didn’t realize it by now, your instincts and your mind go into panic mode when you find out your ex is dating someone new. In most cases, you freak out and make all the mistakes mentioned above.

The researchers concluded that people dating their exes were ultimately “less satisfied with their partner; had worse communication; made more decisions that negatively affected the relationship; had lower self-esteem; and had a higher uncertainty about their future together,” according to a press release from Kansas State University. 

We men naturally don’t attract to those girls that show power and ambition (we view them as thread). After getting into the relationship most guys lost their purpose and make their girlfriend only purpose of their life.

Few months ago I asked him tell me truth and I’ll walk away from you life , but he said I don’t have an answer and if I’ll deal my life’s troubles I’ll come to you to marry , but now live your life …etc, then he was keeping in touch sometimes , and now just silence from him. I gave up and don’t bothering him anymore too, I’m trying NC , also I disappeared from all my social nets, but I think it will useless in my case, he can’t solve his difficulties

Hey I know this break up is tearing you apart right now. Keep motivated by reminding yourself that thousands of couples get back together every day. You are not attempting the impossible here. Be confident, focus on the plan, and most importantly – take action!

That means you should do no contact at least until you have stopped panicking, regained your composure and figured out how to defeat the little devils (Stage 2). It can take from two weeks to three months. Read this article on no contact rule to figure out how much no contact is ideal for you.