MEN, pay attention — that is how a wayward wife feels. She only departed because she felt she could endure no more. Most women don’t want to rip up their family and drag their children through the trauma of a broken home. However, they feel they can’t survive unless their husband ceases to pose the same emotional threats he has always posed. In her state of self-preservation, returning to suffocation is not even a remote possibility.

Thanks. We did text yesterday he said he had a crazy week because his dog was stolen. I’m not sure how often we should text at this point in time? Obviously I want to rebuild connection, it’s a little hard because he isn’t much of a texter. What should I talk about to rebuild connection?

Dating will also help you in building your self-confidence. Additionally, with the help of dating you can keep your mind preoccupied with new friends. And finally you will get lots of fun while dating someone new.

Firstly your ex may …have moved on and is already with someone else. If you broke up some years ago then chances are he or she has made a new life for themselves. If this is the case then you have to accept the situation and move on. If your ex is on their own although this looks promising, don’t get too excited at the thought of getting back together. We all change over time and things may have happened in both your lives that changed your outlook on life. We are constantly growing and the way you feel about things now may be vastly different from when you were together.

Sometime it happens when cutting off all connection with him is just not possible for example if you both work together or you take same classes or on the vacation trip with your mutual friends. In this situation don’t get angry and never try to avoid him. If you get angry then your ex boyfriend may feel you can’t able to remove him from your heart and you wanted to get him back. On other hand, if you completely avoid him then he may feel you are immature and can’t able to live without him.

When you get back together with a former love, there’s no way to know whether it will end up being the best decision of your life or just go up in flames all over again. After all, it’s one of the biggest relationship no-nos in the book. But sometimes, giving it a shot is the best thing you can do for yourself, so that no matter what happens afterward, you don’t have to live with a single “what if.”

Remember also to do little things out of the ordinary to show to your significant other that you are thoughtful and care about them — without overdoing. Take the time to understand your significant other’s love language to make sure that they are shown your love in a way that speaks to them!

Right now, if you continue to pursue her, she might go to the other guy regardless for comfort against you. It might be a better idea to let her be and start NC to work on your insecurity issues, which you will need sorted out before you begin working towards getting her back.

I dated this woman 5 yr ago for a very short time *2 months) and really fell hard for her. I thought we were ‘exclusive’ but she was dating another guy simultaneously, and she ultimately broke up with me to pursue a relationship with this other guy. i cannot tell you how crushed i was. It was devastating and it took me a long time to recover, but i never even came close to the connection i thought we had. Fast forward 5 yr. and she reached out to me on social media. We talked a couple times and then went on a ‘date’. This was about 2.5 months ago and we have reignited the former passion (and yes, we are exclusive) I was amazed at myself that i could get past all of the pain, but i would be lying if i didn’t say that, while i have never been happier in any former relationship, i am scared to death that she could so easily destroy me again. When we are not together, I am sick to my stomach. I do not believe at all that there is anyone else, but i kind of feel like i am way more into her than she is me. I try to be strong, but am i fooling myself? For full transparency, we are both 50, so this isn’t our first rodeo. How do i prevent the past scars from jeopardizing this newborn love?

My ex and I have been together for a little over 5 years unfortunately this is not the first time we have broken up and gotten back together seems always like a constant cycle but I always go running back when he wants. We do have a son together and currently pregnant with his second child which did not keep him from leaving me again. There was a girl from his job whom he started talking to she was aware of me and baring his second child but they continued to flirt constantly but I had access to see his text messages because when he would come home he would just delete EVERYTHING so I felt like I couldn’t trust him he has cheated before and I forgave him because I cheated before as well just that he didn’t know so I almost felt like I had to forgive. I confronted him about messages and he was upset bcuz he said I wasn’t giving him his privacy and said they were just friends but the way they spoke to each other seemed like they wanted more then just friends she constantly spoke to him about my relationship with him but because he would go running to her every time we had arguments. He promised to me that he would stop talking to her the way the way they did and keep it professional but he continued and I showed up at his job after work and found them still hanging out alone in the car not doing anything but still there. He did stop all messages with her but then started to call her every time he stepped out of the house I didn’t know what to do so yes I panicked went into needy mode and insecure mode and I feel like I pushed him more to her to begin with and so after a few days of trying to make things work he texts me and brakes up with me saying he’s no longer happy and will provide for his kids and that’s it but right after continued so hard to talk to the other letting her know he was a free man. He doesn’t admit to me that he wants her but I would see there conversation so I deleted the account that gave me access to there convo. Because I was just driving myself insane he was rushing so fast into a relationship with her I just couldn’t understand why and why while I’m pregnant with his second child. Im curious if he really has lost all respect for me and if it worth rekindling ? My family says move on he’s idiot and child and I deserve much better yes I do love him but its hard to just forgive what he has done. Seeing that we have a child together how do I do something like the no contact rule since we almost always talk everyday regarding my son ? And he seems to linger into something to where we begin to argue about us and I’m gaining strength as days pass yes I miss him but idk if its because he’s been mine for so long and the fact that he is now sharing what I loved so much about him with someone else or because he’s my kids father i feel so confused. I really want to do the co contact rule but its almost impossible to cut off contact since we have a child and I can’t date since I m pregnant what should I do ?

Now he said that he will tell his whole family what really happened and will take legal action towards me. I know that he cant just badmouth me to his family. Last time I even kneel down and begged fr forgiveness, he said that sorry right now is nothing to him,. He said that everytime he feels the pain and he face the mirror hes hatred towards me grow and the love diminish. He told me to go to his family and confront them on what really happened and take full responsibility of my action if Im really sorry which Im willing to do, supposed to be Ill go there tomorrow to confront them but he did not let me.

Studies have shown that 90% of rebound relationships don’t work out in the long run so the odds are probably in your favor. There is no reason to start harassing him or the girl he is dating. Under no circumstances will you contact him. In fact, DO NOT CONTACT HIM OR HER. The further away from the breakup your ex gets the more nostalgic he will become about your relationship. This means he will forget the bad times and remember the good times. [otp_overlay]