I have just recently fallen head over heals with a man and he showed me lots of love and attention and now he’s told me he’s not ready for a relationship. He still wants me in his life as a special friend and said from time to we can meet up but its on his terms only. I have read your plan so I’m going to give it a try. I have already done the texting thing and possibly came across as needy. I just miss him so much my heart aches and I can hardly breathe. I need to regain my thoughts and be calm and stop panicking. I have never felt this way about a man before maybe its because I can’t have him, who knows? He Lives 100 miles away from me so there is distance so I won’t see him … I just hope and pray this plan works but after a few months I hope to be in a better place than I am now.

If it was something like your spending habits were out of control and he wanted to save money, which resulted in frequent arguments, chances are you shouldn’t be getting back together unless you are both willing to compromise and change.

3. You must become an attractive, happy person during this time. You need to take a step back and reevaluate your life. You should make a lot of positive changes in your life. When you meet your ex after the no contact period, you want them to be attracted to you. And the best way to do it is to start enjoying life and becoming an overall happy person. Don’t take this point lightly. This could be the difference between getting your ex back or losing them forever. (If you’d like to read more about why you should do this, read this article.)

Ok thanks Ryan! Also we had a phone call recently just chit chat, it was a pleasant phone call I meantioned that I’m going away at the end of the week and if he wanted to see me, he said he feels pressured? And he doesn’t know, maybe another time then? I don’t know what he’s trying to communicate to me, as we’ve been texting for around a month and a phone call last night. At the end of the phone call we said it was nice to hear your voice and he said it was nice to hear your voice too. He sounded really depressed. I’m not sure if he needs more time? I’ve always been a go getter and he’s more relaxed and goes with the flow. could you explain what he means by pressured? Do I just give more time? My gut instinct and the way he sounded on the phone told me he missed me? Thanks

Make him jealous on social media. Without being too obvious, post some photos of you having a great time with your friends, you at the beach, or even you hanging out with a few guys. This will make your ex remember how great you look and feel sad that he doesn’t hang out with you anymore. Don’t post anything too often — just once or twice a week to remind him of how amazing you are.

The way you communicate with her via text and in calls will need to change. Given that you’re in a break up you’ve probably been doing it completely wrong, replying instantly to her messages even though she takes hours to respond to you. This has to stop and you need to start doing it right, after the no contact period. That’s why I’m going to teach you how to get your ex-girlfriend back fast by text message, although be aware, texts are only part of it.

Hi Kevin, I called him and he told me that I needed to talk to him and he told me “what do you need to talk about?” I told him about something that I have in my chest . He told me to call him in an hour and I asked him to do it in person but he say no. In any case I told him to give me another chance and no to commit with that girl until we try one more time, but he told me that I was not ready to get marry and never will that we have to go separate ways and that the therapist was going to talk with me. When I went to see the therapist she told me that he didn’t want to talk with me because he is fine where he is now that if he sees me is to give me closure. The therapist words were like stabs in my heart. I lost him and I feel empty inside an so hurt and broken hearted. I love him with all my heart. Please tell me what else I can do. I need your help this is so hard. How can I recover his love when everything seems to be hopeless. And he is probably organizing his wedding.

Take this as an opportunity to get out and start living for you. Use this time to better yourself, and get in touch with your needs and desires. There are plenty of women out there waiting to make the most of your time, but you are not going to find them back in bed with your ex. If you are worried that all hope is lost, get online to date and go out to social events. You will find the greener grass.

Guys who are insecure, controlling and secretly manipulative; are always trying to control the situation by giving their girlfriend something and hoping to get something in return. This creates an unhealthy pattern in the relationship and their girlfriends end up losing attraction for them.

Thank you for your share. Getting back with an ex after years apart is possible, but it requires balance. You can show her you care for her, but don’t put her on a pedestal. If you do that, she’ll feel no need or sense of urgency to get back together, as she’ll become the power holder between you two. If you need more in depth advice, I invite you to book a session with me. I can help you figure this out.

Keep in mind that your breakup didn’t happen just because you did something wrong or you said something wrong or you were not prettier enough to be with your ex or you gave too much to your ex for too little efforts.

And one month of knowing each other they are Living together and Engaged lol stupidly wow .She really did love me deeply and cared I’m Blocked on all the social media! Help me!! She has been stalking me through her boyfriend’s Facebook but I’ve now Blocked it lol

Hi Ryan, dude where are you? I really need your help. I’m really trying to not a mistake here man. It’s been maybe half a month since the NC.. it’s been working like a charm.. couples days ago my ex sees me at work and days I looked good and like I’ve changed..also that I was happy. She text me that same day saying how much she missed my presence in her life, how she missed her best friend. I didn’t respond and then she text me a photo saying remember the good times.. also said she was going thru her phone deleting pics of us and didn’t know which to keep. I then replied I miss you too. We started chatting back in forth and remembering all the good things. She texted me all night. Then the next day says she loves me and misses.. I tell her too. We talked a lot about how much we loved one another. Don’t know if that was a right move ..yesterday she sends me a message at work that was a song. “Baby while were young , let’s do what we want, I want you, you’re mine and I don’t care who’s know it, I’m down for you” just a few things she sent me! I’m confused because after work I waited to talk with her but she ran out quickly and I’m sure when went to meet up with someone else. She didn’t go home last night. She also didn’t text me anymore.. so confusing what’s going on.. not sure what to do or expect! Please help dude! I really want her back and I can’t tell if I messed up the NC rule. She definitely has been seeing someone else lately. Please write me back soon.. she wants to me up tonight to go eat. Don’t know if I should go

When a guy gets out of a serious relationship, he’s not going to fall in love and find someone new right away. Most guys don’t even want to get in a relationship right after getting out of a serious one. When they do, it’s almost always a “rebound” relationship designed to distract him from the pain of losing you – and it never works.

Hi Adirubbo, this is actually a really common frustration for women in the dating scene (a guy giving you his number and acting more passive rather than pursuing) and I’m working on an ebook/video training to help with this exact issue. But to give you a quick answer now, you did great. You let him know what kind of dates you liked going on and then he became more confident in how to please you, that’s when he started taking charge. The more confident a man feels that he can make you happy, the more take charge he’ll become. The trick for a woman is always: “How can I be pro-actively receptive in this dynamic?” Keep looking for those opportunities and you’ll be fine. And if you want to learn more about this, make sure you’re signed up for email updates. Hope this helped!…

Your anger will express a lack of understanding concerning her and the pain you have caused her. (The presence of anger reveals pride in you that has not been dealt with, and the fact that you have not accepted your huge part in the problem.)

Recently an article has been hitting the rounds regarding half a dozen reasons NOT to get back with your ex. Rather than go through each one, (many are the usual generalizations you hear, i.e. “jealousy, familiarity, neither of you will change, etc.), I realized they all can be responded to with one…

I’ll start with your last question. Yes, they matter a lot. And it will be very hard to come to a compromise if you have a lot of difference in values and beliefs. I know you feel like you cherish him more than your other interests right now, but don’t you think it’s just because you miss him right now. What if you don’t miss him? Don’t you think you will again start resenting him for his possessiveness and stopping you from doing what you love? In my opinion, breaking up was the right thing for both of you. If you want him back, I’ll suggest you do no contact for at least 90 days. At least till the time you feel you are happy in your life without him. I don’t think he will completely forget about you in that time. And you will still have a chance to get him back after 90 days. But at least, you will know for sure that you are making the right decision.

Now, I am not against reconciliation. In fact, this entire website is on how to win your ex back. But I am against the idea of putting your ex before your happiness. The only reason to get back together with your ex boyfriend or your ex girlfriend is if you want to give the relationship another try and not because you need your ex.