In the beginning we we’re happy but then I started to get jealous of her and her best friend that night I had a nightmare thay she left me for him now i cant fix the relationship because she doesnt believe me that i trust her and i dont want to lose her

I am sorry if my reply was not very coherent. I do realize that I should not be so worried about what to send, that a single message can make it or break it, but at the same time that is what your website is about, the reality is that it does make all the difference.

Talk about things she is passionate about. About the things she cares about. To get her to start talking about things that she cares about; you should start talking about the things that matter to you and you are passionate about.

“I think I knew that if I got with him it’d be forever, and I just wasn’t ready for that to start yet,” Jaya explains. “So yeah, I escaped halfway around the world, slept around and realized that no matter where I was or who I was with, he was the only person I missed. Even if someone is perfect, timing is everything.”

            A man must remember — a woman originally came to him because she thought her heart would be protected. She left, because she felt unsafe. For her to return she must be convinced she is safe. For this reason, a man must make it his priority to understand how his wife feels. She doesn’t need a letter in which her husband simply apologizes for his mistakes or misbehaviors. She needs words that communicate that he understands how shredded she feels and what he has done to contribute to her pain. I want to repeat that concept: The thing that will give a woman hope that things will be different is if her husband is able to describe how torn up she feels, and how he contributed to her condition. She doesn’t need a well-rehearsed humble-sounding script. She needs to be convinced by your words of empathy towards her condition and by your deep humble remorse, as you take responsibility for contributing to her pain. Remember that she married you believing you would make her feel secure and treasured; yet now she sees you as the biggest threat to her mental and emotional well-being. The one person she looked to for safety proved to be one most unsafe to her heart.

I am obsessed with her and cannot stop thinking about her or texting her daily, I am even failing managing to eat the way I want them back, I have learned from my previous mistakes, suffered damages, I feel broken beyond repair, but became a better person from it all because of the struggles I have been through, I am ashamed of what I have done and has accepted what I caused, but I am a new version of me and want a new start and to spend my life with them, I love and I miss them very much, and would do anything to get her back

4. Start a relationship with yourself. You can do this by creating a fake Facebook profile of a man much better-looking than your ex and indicating that you two are “in a relationship.” To add mystery, go with “It’s complicated.”

I was so damn serious about this being it. I have issues too. I got help an still maintaing it. I want to be free from garbage in my soul. However, since Ive moved into my apt. I have lost my strength. Cause I know the man struggles w/his anger. I struggle too but have been wrking on it for yrs. Learn how to diffuse, breath, be rational, think outside the box.. but I for the 1st time in MONTHS.. obcessively texted.. yes the one to run him off.. lol.. how ever, ive stopped texting. I want him back if he’ll change. Just CHANGE. So after hearing most of the story.

The thought of finding something new with endless possibilities and a chance to rewrite your destiny will always be very tempting; especially when you’ll hit a rough patch in your relationship. But please try to gain perspective in those moments and to not snap in a moment of weakness, because you may live to regret it.

Have you gone out of your way to “do things” in order to get back together? Have all these things failed? Have you called him a bunch of times and persistently tried to contact him? All these mean it’s a lot less likely you will get back together.

It’s not going to be enough to just say “I want my ex back”, snap your fingers and get back together. You really need to have a strong desire to be with the one you love and to be prepared to put in the work! However it’s not just a question of effort, it’s also a question of being in the right mindset and to regain some self-esteem.

After researching over the internet, I found Michael’s Youtube videos. He talks about important aspects of a healthy relationship that I feel my relationship was missing. The thing that I like most about Michael’s videos was he was a relationship coach who has hundred of likes in his Youtube videos. I knew it is easy to get likes on your Youtube video but the interaction and feedback he was getting from his audience seems real dude to me.