Valentines Day – How Most Guys Screw It Up

Valentines Day can either bring romantic excitement or trepidation. Go a guy who has screwed up Valentines Day in the past, trepidation is the more likely experience. It’s all about love, right? If you think that, you are either a bit naive or are blessed with a woman to hang on to.

Some guys start out thinking they just need to buy some overpriced red roses, a box of overpriced chocolates that never taste as good as they look and get reservations for a nice restaurant – way in advance – and they will be living in ecstasy on Valentines night.

Wrong! Sometimes it does work out that way. If this is the first Valentines Day that your young girlfriend has had a guy in her life, that might work. But expectations quickly change.

Those items mentioned about have a tendency to become the starting line. That means, those things are a given and if you don’t do at least that, you are in the dog house big time. If you want to score on Valentine’s Day then you will do all of the above and then come up with something else to “sweeten” the deal.

Maybe jewelry will work for a year or two. Maybe jewelry will work for longer if you keep upping the price ante.

Face it, guy, you are going to run out of ideas before long. After the fact, listening to your sweetheart from the confines of the dog house, you will likely be entreated to wonderful things OTHER guys did for their sweethearts who happen to be BFF’s of your girl.

Most guys do not plan ahead for Valentines Day, screw it up, then sit shell shocked after spending $200 wondering why she is mad at him and DEFINITELY not adorned with Victoria’s Secret attire and fawning all over him.

You have to plan ahead, so here are some Valentines Day ideas:

  • First, spending a lot of money only works with a young, naive girl, and not for long.
  • Planning starts before Christmas
  • Find out if red roses are really her favorite. There may be another color she prefers, and they may not be in stock at your local florist so you need to call ahead.
  • Get that reservation at the restaurant. Here’s the key – NOT YOUR favorite restaurant, HERS
  • Chocolates can be tricky. If she struggles with her weight, buying her expensive fat stick-ons for her thighs may not score you points – or anything else. Navigate those waters carefully.
  • What has she been bugging you to do with her that you keep putting off. Valentine’s Day or the weekend nearest to it is the time to do that.

Case in point. I hate going to home shows; I don’t want to deal with contractors, remodeling or paying for it. And I really despise cleaning up after workmen and fixing what they did wrong or doing what they didn’t do.

But the home show in our area came up on Saturday, the day after Valentine’s Day. I took her. Smile on my face, didn’t complain. Tried to be interested in what she was interested in.

After that I took her to a furniture store in a an area she would not drive to on her own.

I picked up more points and other fringe benefits that weekend than any Valentine’s Day in recent memory.

Want a money saving tip? Depends on the woman, but…

I bought a nice bouquet of flowers a few days BEFORE Valentine’s Day. On sale. Had a couple of her favorite flowers in it. Those flowers easily lasted the entire “season” and they came as a surprise that day because she wasn’t expecting flowers until a few days later.

If you have been with your woman for a few years, mixing it up can make the day better for you and her both, but start thinking about it around Christmas time.

What to do if you screwed up Valentine’s Day?

This post is already long and there can be a few too many factors to get into as far as trying to save a relationship that was messed up by a poor performance on Valentine’s Day.

The best thing for you to do if you want to get back on solid ground with the woman you love is to check out the

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