2 Signs That She Might Be Thinking Of Leaving You

How To Make Her Love You Again

signs she's thinking of leaving you
Signs You Would RATHER See From Her!

You already suspect or have seen signs she’s thinking of leaving you or else you wouldn’t be reading this. Hang on, we’re here to help by showing you how to make her love you again and stay for good.

No guy wants to think about the possibility that his girl is considering leaving him, especially not for someone else. But at one time or another, we all think it about a girlfriend or wife – and it’s painful.

Before you go jumping the gun, though, don’t make the mistake of making assumptions that are not really true. Let’s take a look at a couple of warning signs and see if they merit some more attention on your part. With the right reaction and maybe turnaround on your part we’ll see if we can’t help you find out how to make her love you again.

Warning Sign #1 – She’s Working Extra Hours

We were reading in a recent Daily Mail UK article that a wife who’s suddenly working extra hours may be thinking about leaving about leaving her husband.

Often times a women will see extra hours of work as a type of insurance that she’ll be financially able to survive the burden of single living once she finally does leave the relationship through divorce or separation.

Maybe, though, it started out as a frustration that you were not bringing home adequate money from your job. Then to make matters even worse, the extra hours she worked trying to pick up the slack did not equate to a more equitable share of work around the house or perhaps taking care of the children.

Here’s What You Can Do To Make Her Love You Again

It’s no secret that those types of frustration in a marriage or relationship can lead to resentment in a hurry and dull or eradicate her love for you.

First off, you want to acknowledge her extra efforts and money provided with some genuine appreciation that she will notice. Perhaps now is the time to roll out the red carpet and remind her what she’ll be missing if she does leave you.

As long as you aren’t a unemployed bum sitting around the house, you don’t have to do it all but make her feel that her extra hours are noticed and that you appreciate the effort she’s making on behalf of the family by taking some more of the load with the house and kids.

Do ALL of your own chores first, then work on doing a few of hers, especially the ones she likes the least. Offer her a “night off” during the week. Or simply offer her a foot or back massage – no strings attached (unless she makes the first move).

It really can be the little things that make or break a marriage. Turn things around and make them work in your favor for a change. Just make sure that if you see improvement you ACCELERATE YOUR EFFORTS!

Do not by any means slack off and let things fall back the way they were or she will realize that thinking of leaving you was the right thing after all.

Warning Sign #2 – She’s Stopped Nagging!

Did I get your attention?

Yeah, all guys wish their wife would stop nagging, but unless it’s because she recently found Jesus or you have really stepped up your game in the marriage it’s probably cause for concern.

So come down off the mountain top where you have been shouting for joy that you have finally escaped the nagging because it may not be good news for your marriage. The average male hates few things more than being nagged.

It’s even Biblical:

Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife.

– Proverbs 21:9

And that’s not the only verse! King Solomon knew woman (about 700 or so…) and truly an expert in the matter.

Why Do Men Hate Nagging So?

Nagging is like getting a running dialog of how you’re not measuring up to your wife’s expectations. It leaves you feeling not just frustrated and annoyed but angry and inadequate – never measuring up, EVER!

Eventually you might learn to tune out the nagging completely; and most everything else she says then too (just in case it’s nagging). Then come the accusations of “never listening to me”.

If you watched any TV growing up, your wife’s nagging begins to sound much like the incomprehensible drone of the teacher from Charlie Brown cartoons. Hence, you may not even notice that she’s stopped nagging for a while – during which time the problem is getting worse and her love for you is fading faster.

Once you do realize it, though, you may feel a moment of relief and even enjoy it for a short time before you get a “nagging” feeling that something isn’t right in your relationship – and you’re wondering if it’s too late to make her love you again.

It’s not that you don’t love her or want her gone, you still love her. You’re just not crazy about some of her behavior. The question is whether that undesirable behavior is something YOU can correct.

Many times a woman will make the decision to quit “nagging” only after she has given up on rescuing the relationship or saving the marriage. It could mean that she is just not going to even try anymore.

For you it could be a bad sign that she is thinking of leaving and maybe even soon.

What You Can Do About It

What can you do when it has come to this?

You might need to do a personal and / or marriage reboot.

Perhaps doing something totally out of character can start to win your wife’s affection once again. Going back to the way you treated her when you first met, for example. Chances are that’s NOT how you treat her now or she wouldn’t be thinking of leaving you.

Start by talking to each other.

She feels unimportant to you because you’re not taking an interest in the things she asks you to do. You, on the other hand, feel “put out” or even put down by her because she keeps asking you to do something you do not want to do or don’t feels needs done.

The answer could be somewhere in the middle with a solution that will work for both of you. Trouble is, no one is going to know if you keep ignoring the issues that are driving a wedge in your marriage.


Sometimes the problems are clear cut and obvious and the answers aren’t always as easy as making her fall in love with you again.You know, maybe she loves you but just can’t stand YOUR behavior?

If you see some signs that she is thinking of leaving then wake up fast and take notice. Time is NOT on your side; your relationship must become your top priority.

Start by talking but follow through with a clear evaluation of ways that you may have changed and not for the better. See what you can do about them.

There is lots of help available help a guy wanting to make up for past wrongs, take advantage and reach out.

Leave a comment below if we can help.

Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife.

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